Narrabeen FC location

Narrabeen FC Home Grounds

Our fields are on Boondah Rd, Warriewood, between Pittwater Rd and Warriewood Square shopping centre

Home grounds

Narrabeen FC has 9 home grounds located near the Boondah Rd Canteen and Ted Blackwood Hall. In addition, Narrabeen FC utilises the Narrabeen Sports High School (NSHS).

  • Narrabeen Sports High School – Full Size AT – U11 to Seniors (South East of Canteen, access off Jacksons Rd via Oak Rd to corner of Pittwater Rd & Namona Rd)
  • Boondah 1 – Full Size – U11 to Seniors (North East of Canteen, Boondah Rd)
  • Boondah 2 – Full Size – U11 to Seniors (South West of Canteen, Boondah Rd)
  • Boondah 3a – Grassroots – U6/7 (South of Canteen, Boondah Rd)
  • Boondah 3b – Grassroots – U6/7 (South of Canteen, Boondah Rd)
  • Boondah 4a – Grassroots – U6/7 (South of Canteen, Boondah Rd)
  • Boondah 4b – Grassroots – U6/7 (South of Canteen, Boondah Rd)
  • Boondah 5 – Youth – U10 (South East of Canteen, Boondah Rd)
  • Boondah 6 – Youth – U8/9 (North of Canteen, Boondah Rd)
  • Boondah 7 – Youth – U8/9 (North of Canteen, Boondah Rd)

Away games

Need to find a MWFA field? Find the location of fields outside of Narrabeen. Visit the MWFA Football Grounds.

Check field closures

Wet weather can close fields from time to time. Each field is assessed individual be ground staff.

Narrabeen FC, Canteen at Boondah Reserve, Boondah Rd Warriewood.
The canteen is open from 8am each Saturday. A BBQ with Hot food, snacks and drinks as well as gear sales are available.

Map of fields

Narrabeen FC field maps

Rules for Narrabeen Sports High Artificial Pitch

Narrabeen Football Club is happy to welcome you to this wonderful sporting facility kindly provided by Narrabeen Sports High and Pittwater Council. As well as the normal rules applying to sports fields we are also subject to extra terms required by the Dept. of Education

  • No alcohol past the front gate
  • No smoking within the school grounds including sporting field
  • No animals
  • No food or drink to be consumed on the artificial turf (water excepted)
  • No chewing gum
  • No glass bottles (cans or plastic only)
  • Rubbish to be put in bins provided
  • Please do NOT wander through the school grounds
  • Authorised vehicles allowed only
  • Please have respect for the local residents. No unnecessary noise on the street and please be courteous with parking. Parking is provided in the teacher’s car park and also at the end of Namona St.
  • Yes – these rules apply to you. If you understand this please proceed into the ground and enjoy the game.

Dressing rooms are provided at the southern end of the field (home team at front – away team at rear). There is a separate public toilet behind the dressing sheds.

Ground Managers or delegated Narrabeen Football Club Team Manager’s will be in attendance and have the authority to remove people from the ground.

Any teams / individuals not complying with the rules may be banned from the ground.

Getting to Narrabeen FC