Final Round (U12 and above)

On the weekend of October 3rd/4th, the 2020 season will finish with all teams taking part in a “Final Round”, whereby teams will play a final match based on their standings during the “Regular Season”.

The matches will be organised based on the principle of 1v2, 3v4, 5v6, 7v8, 9v10 and 11v12, depending on the number of teams in each competition.

The final competition table will be determined by the number of points won. If teams in any specific competition have played an uneven number of the games, the final competition table will be determined by points won per match (i.e. Points accumulated divided by matches played).

ii. The winners of the 1v2 match in each competition will be declared “Knockout winners”

iii. The 1v2 matches in the “Final Round” are the only games that will be decided by extra time and penalty kicks.

iv. All other matches in the “Final Round” that end in a draw will not go to extra time or penalty kicks.

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