Grading Policy

Grading & Team Formation Policy

Our Grading and Team Formation Policy is available for review. Please have a read through so you fully understand our policy around grading and team formation before our grading days are held in February.

Important information

In general terms the Grading Days consist of a range of skill assessments and game play grading. The assessment will identify player field position preferences and skill levels across a range of criteria.

  • Grading is compulsory for ALL Registered Players in U9 to U16.
  • Womens competition – Women’s grading will be assessed subject to registered team numbers for each age group.
  • Absence from grading – if previously graded in either of top two teams. Pervious years grading applies.
  • Non registered player CAN NOT grade. No Club Shopping!

Team formation

Post grading, Team formation shall be discussed and finalised by a panel of 3 people consisting of:

  • The Grading Coordinator
  • The relevant Age Group Coordinator
  • A member of the NFC Executive Committee

Team formation will be based on some or all of the following available information and resources:

  • Grading results
  • Previous years Coach Assessment/feedback
  • Previous teams/divisions played in
  • Friend requests (can not always be guaranteed)

For junior age groups such as U9’s a “Soft Grading” process is undertaken to comply with Manly Warringah Football Association’s policy for grading this age group.

Year of birth Age group
2013 or 2014 Under 6
2012 Under 7
2011 Under 8
2010 Under 9
2009 Under 10
2008 Under 11
2007 Under 12
2006 Under 13
2005 Under 14
2004 Under 15
2003 Under 16
2001 or 2002 Under 18
2000, 1999, 1998 Under 21
No defined age All age or Premier League
1983 or earlier Over 35
1973 or earlier Over 45