Letter to Members

Dear Narrabeen Football Club Members,

As per the recent notification from Manly-Warringah Football Association regarding some savings and rebates achieved by the MWFA and those funds being returned to all 17 Association Clubs, I am writing to advise on how Narrabeen Football Club has decided to handle the reallocation of its portion of the savings.

As Narrabeen Football Club is a not-for-profit community sporting club, our aim each year is to provide a service to the community whilst maintaining a financial position that runs as close to the “break even” point as possible.

Covid compliance guidelines and the overall uncertainty that Covid created has greatly inhibited the clubs ability to raise funds via food sales, sponsorship, events and fundraising in 2020.

The first stage in the process of reallocating the savings and funds returned to the club will be the undertaking of a full financial assessment of the total impact of the 2020 season on the Football Club. Once all 2020 final profit and loss analysis has been completed whereby Narrabeen FC has ascertained what its financial position is for the season, the decision has been made by the Narrabeen Football Club Committee to handle any surplus fund reallocation in the following manner:
● Firstly, recover any loss incurred by Narrabeen FC for the 2020 season due to Covid interference with the clubs ability to raise funds and maintain sponsorship agreements. This is vital to ensure that Narrabeen Football Club remains financially viable and in a position to continue to service the local community.
● Re-distribute any remaining funds after the recovery of all losses to our 2021 registered players by means of a possible registration fee reduction for the 2021 season.

Any surplus funds remaining after the recovery of all losses will be factored into the registration fees for 2021 and may be proportioned as different saving amounts per age group depending on the final adopted 2021 budget and fee structure.

Please note: If any reduction in playing fees can be achieved for the 2021 season, this will be a one off fee reduction and playing fees for all subsequent seasons will be formulated as per the usual process.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our members, players, coaches and managers for your patience and understanding in what has been a highly difficult season to negotiate.

We were always prepared for an unusual season as Covid peaked right before we were due to kick off. It has however been incredibly rewarding to see all of our teams take part in what has been a very busy yet full season of games.

The many messages of support from our members acknowledging the amazing job done by our volunteers and committee helping to motivate us all to keep going in what has been an absolutely exhausting year.

Of course the biggest thank you of all goes to each and every one of our hard working and dedicated committee members and volunteers who sacrifice their time to maintaining the smooth running and continual improvement of our amazing football club. This is an ideal time to acknowledge their efforts as it is these great people who ensure that Narrabeen Football Club maintains its consistent growth and ability to provide a quality playing experience for its members for many years to come.

Dan Cook
Narrabeen Football Club

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