Match Day requirements COVID-19

MWFA Match Day requirements for game days

MWFA has advised that the following guidelines are applied to clubs/fields on match day.

Key points for our teams to know:

  • Chairs and benches – all subs/coaches/managers must sit 1.5 metres apart. MWFA advised that benches will be the first place council rangers and police will be looking at over the opening few rounds.
  • Fields – This season’s players/coaches/managers will be on one side of the field and all spectators on the opposite side. Attached is the document showing which side each group stands across the fields in our association. Dean and Tim can you also get this on our website/newsletter.
  • Toilets/Change Rooms – toilets will only be open for game days and until further notice NO change rooms at any ground will be open. There are extensive cleaning regimes in place as part of COVID and Council has agreed to cleaning the toilet facilities as per the guidelines.
    Subs will not have to wear bibs on the sidelines as no sharing of gear is allowed.
  • Goalkeeper Shirts – your main keeper should take the club issued jersey. Coloured tops/shirts will be permitted for other goalies to wear but NO hoodies or zipper jackets are allowed. No bib sharing but goalies can wear bibs and take home as long as the bib colour is different to your opposition.
  • No sharing of drink bottles.
  • Coaches/Managers School Holidays – if anyone will be working during the day games please arrange for a responsible adult to take their place.
    Scheduled Games – MWFA website is up to date with all games and any changes Alison will send through.
  • Forfeits – ONLY Club Secretary is to notify MWFA of any forfeits and no player/coach or manager should contact the Association. Please notify Alison immediately if you are notified of a forfeit.
  • For our older age groups NO Spitting – whilst this has never been tolerated MWFRA will be even stricter this year on spitting and anyone who does spit at another play/official can expect the maximum penalty including a potential playing ban.