Grading Policy

Narrabeen Football Club Grading 2021 & Team Formation

U6 to U10 (inclusive)

No individual player grading will be done in these age groups.

With the emphasis for sub-junior players at Narrabeen Football Club being more on the overall enjoyment of the sport and less on competition or developing elite sub-junior teams, these age groups will be left to submit their teams to their relevant age group coordinator.

Grading personnel, the relevant age group Coordinator and the Narrabeen FC Executive Committee will look at the makeup of each team submitted in U9 and U10 and make a decision on where the team will be submitted for MWFA team grading.

Information provided from the previous years coach/manager and an assessment of the teams performance from the previous season will be taken into consideration when submitting teams for grading to MWFA.

All U6 to U10 teams are to be submitted by a nominated team manager to the relevant age group coordinator. Where there are shortages in the team, the age group coordinator will endeavour to fill the team to a sufficient total number. If this cannot be achieved within the specified MWFA deadline, any teams with insufficient numbers will not be entered into the draw for the playing season and a refund will be issued to those who have not been able to form a team of sufficient numbers.

Minimum and Maximum Team Numbers:

Age Group Min Players Max Players
U6 & U7 9 13
U8 & U9 8 11
U10 10 13

Important information

U11 to U16 (inclusive)

Individual player grading will be undertaken for these age groups wherever there is more than one team in any age group.

Player grading and team formation will be undertaken and finalised by a group consisting of the grading coordinator, the relevant age group coordinator and a member of the Narrabeen FC Executive Committee.

All team formation decisions and final teams will be overseen and authorised by the Narrabeen FC Executive Committee.

The Grading Process

Players will be assessed by grading volunteers on a range of skills relevant to their age group.

Grading sessions will be based predominantly on game format exercises. This is to ensure that players of all positions have an opportunity to show their skills in their preferred position. A mixture of small-sided games and full field games is preferable however the format on the day will depend on numerous factors (player numbers, weather, field availability, number of available graders etc).

  • Players MUST be fully registered in order to participate in grading.
  • Players MUST grade in the age group in which they are registered only.
  • Any player who chooses to play above their true age group, must grade in the higher age group only.
  • No player is permitted to grade in more than one age group and then choose their playing level based on the outcome of grading.

U11 player grading is necessary to ensure that the club has reliable grading data on players for at least two years in preparation for when they enter competition age in U12’s the following season.

Requests to play with friends will only be considered in U11 to U16 age groups where extreme extenuating circumstances exist. Requests to play with friends in U11 to U16 age groups will not be considered where the request results in any player having to be moved to a division outside of their assessed ability. All decisions made by the grading and team formation group are final.

Any player, member or parent of a playing member that conducts themselves inappropriately in regards to the grading of themselves or their child will have their/their child’s membership cancelled and their registration fee refunded minus any administration costs incurred by the club.

Verbal abuse, intimidation, harassing phone calls or emails from any member or parent of a player will be referred to and dealt with by the Narrabeen FC Executive Committee. The matter will then be referred to the Manly Warringah Football Association for their consideration and subsequent action.

Team formation

Post grading, Team formation shall be discussed and finalised by a panel of 3 people consisting of:

  • The Grading Coordinator
  • The relevant Age Group Coordinator
  • A member of the NFC Executive Committee

Team formation will be based on some or all of the following available information and resources:

  • Grading results
  • Previous years Coach Assessment/feedback
  • Previous teams/divisions played in
  • Friend requests (can not always be guaranteed)
Year of birth Age group
2015 or 2016 Under 6
2014 Under 7
2013 Under 8
2012 Under 9
2011 Under 10
2010 Under 11
2009 Under 12
2008 Under 13
2007 Under 14
2006 Under 15
2005 Under 16
2004 or 2003 Under 18
2002, 2001, 2000 Under 21
No defined age All age or Premier League
1985 or earlier Over 35
1975 or earlier Over 45