Player Registration

Registration – Important notice to all Players

ONLINE registrations for the 2020 season for all players are now open. Please read the instructions carefully before starting the process.

The registration website works best in Safari or Chrome.

Welcome to the 2020 football season! Please take a few moments to read the following information prior to registering.

1. ACCOUNTS: Please note a new playfootball account is not needed for each
enrolment. It is only required for brand new registrations to MWFA (i.e. anyone who hasn’t registered to play football in Manly Warringah previously).

2. PHOTOS: ALL registrations, whether new or old will need to upload a new photo. The photo we require is a headshot only. No other people can be in the photo, it can only be from the shoulders up. An ideal photo is a school photo or a passport style photo. If an incorrect photo is uploaded, your registration will not be processed until a correct photo has been emailed to the registrar.

3. DOUBLE CHECKING THAT YOU ARE REGISTERING IN THE CORRECT AGE GROUP: As we are not able to move a registration between age groups, please double check that you are registering in the correct age group and the correct competition. “Women’s” being the Sunday competition and “Mixed” played on Saturday (Mixed being an all boys or a possible boys and girls combined team).
If you register in the wrong age group, the time taken to de-register and re-register may mean that you miss out if the age group reaches full capacity so it’s best to make 100% sure that you’ve got it right before you start.

4. IF YOUR AGE GROUP IS NOT AVAILABLE: If your age group is not available when you try and register, please don’t register in a different age group, please contact our senior Registrar Bianca Barnwell (contact details below).

5. DUAL REGISTRATIONS: Anybody wanting to play in both Women’s and Mixed must contact the senior registrar Bianca Barnwell before registering for any competition. Bianca will advise of the easiest way to do this.

6. ANY QUESTIONS OR DIFFICULTIES: Please don’t try and push through if you are unsure of something. Any error in the registration process will create delays and unnecessary extra work for our registrars. Please contact Bianca who is more than happy to assist in making the process easy for everyone.

Please remember that all Registrars and Committee members are all volunteers. You may experience a short delay in being contacted as club volunteers are all parents/full time workers etc outside of club commitments. Registrars will be checking emails on a daily basis during registration period and will respond to all queries in a timely manner.

Bianca Barnwell
0434 935 239

Important information

Please read our NFC Registration Info Sheet and MWFA Instructions prior to registering. It has all the information you will need on the club including fee structure and general information about the club.

Key points:

  • All new players must create a new account in the Play Football system for 2020
  • Players already registered from 2019, please use the same login details from last season
  • For families; create an account for a parent first and then link all children
  • All photos must be replaced in 2020. You MUST have a head shot ready when you register
  • To claim the Active Kids Rebate, you will need to do this BEFORE you register.

When you are ready, go to the Play Football website to register. Your registration details must be completed online. Play Football accepts payment by credit card. For other payment options, see below.


You can only pay online via PlayFootball website with your credit card. NB: To get the Active Kids Rebate, you must enter the voucher number you have already received from the Services NSW Government website. To get the Early Bird discount, make sure to select the “Purchase Additional Items” button and click on “Early Bird Discount option, then click “Update Order” to have the discount applied.

New Players 10 years of age or over

In addition to completing your online registration for the 2020 season via the FFA Play Football website, our local Association, Manly Warringah Football Association (MWFA), also requires you to complete an additional application form IF AND ONLY IF:


Please complete and sign the MWFA Application to register form, have it witnessed and then email back to our club registrar at

For all senior players (i.e. ALs, O35, O45, WO30, WO40, PL) you will also need to email a copy of your ID (drivers licence, passport or birth certificate) for identification confirmation purposes.

Please put “NA” in any fields that don’t apply to you, do not leave any fields blank. Your registration will not be accepted by MWFA until this form is fully completed and returned to them.

Dual registration W8 – W18

Girls registered in the Sunday comp have the option of also playing in the mixed Saturday comp for a small additional fee. For further details please contact our ladies co-ordinator.

Additionally, skilled players may “play up” age or divisions if they have had their registration certified to do so.

Age Group by year of birth

Year of birth Age group
2014 or 2015 Under 6
2013 Under 7
2012 Under 8
2011 Under 9
2010 Under 10
2009 Under 11
2008 Under 12
2007 Under 13
2006 Under 14
2005 Under 15
2004 Under 16
2002 or 2003 Under 18
2001, 2000, 1999 Under 21
No defined age All age or Premier League
1984 or earlier Over 35
1974 or earlier Over 45