Working with Children

Working with children Coaching and Managing Teams

Football NSW has extended the Working With Children Check policy to make it a requirement that ALL coaches and ALL Managers of any junior (up to and including U16 teams) require a current Working With Children Check. Teams will not be accepted or registered to play without both the Coach and Manager that register on PlayFootball holding a current WWCC.

It is of the highest importance if you are planning on Coaching or Managing a team for the season that you obtain your WWCC as soon as possible.

As per the usual process, Teams that do not have a registered Coach and Manager will NOT be allowed to commence playing until such time that they do.

Obtaining a WWCC is a very simple process. It remains valid for 5 years and it is also free of charge for volunteers.

Please visit the page link below to start the process

Despite the Service NSW page still stating that “You don’t need a WWCC if you’re a parent or close relative of a child, volunteering with a team, program or activity that your child usually participates in or is a team member of”, this is a Football NSW Requirement and must be done.

We would suggest if you’re even considering coaching or managing any sub U18 team in the next 5 years, it would be wise to obtain a WWCC now.

Please Note – all coaches and managers will need to register online for the season after they have obtained their WWCC. This must be done by the individual.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Club Secretary